Friday, February 24, 2012

Quote #1: Lullaby Rhyme

I'm just sleepy.
Waiting for my lullaby rhyme.
I'm used to hearing it most of the time, few months ago.
No need to change channels.
But it was seemingly losing on the current wave,
Keeping me up, up, and away...
Requesting the DJ to play it again.
Then later,
again and again..
As long as there's this chance to make requests,
hooking up different names,
asking for a back-to-back replay.
So long, as I may say.
The sound can't continue on this day.
Sorry lullaby, you just have to be revised.
For its melody can't catch the blasting songs of today,
but no tomorrow can ever forget..
How such a classical rhyme beholds
the crest to my sleeping heart.


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