Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best Friends Forever

December 1992 is such a history. Though the specific day is hardly to remember, but it is one of those days in December when Christmas parties are usually held.

Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom) in Valenzuela City is where my mom used to work more than 20 years. Working with her in the same branch is Ninang Lily, one of her closest best friends and as she usually shares, someone like her sister. Ninang Lily, my baptismal godmother, has a daughter named Lyane, whom I call Yanyan. Yan and I (also known as Megmeg or Meg) first enjoyed each other's company during our mothers' Christmas party in their branch, where employees bring their children to play games and receive gifts.

First time Yanyan and I met, we became real close. We laughed and played, and our moms told us that we followed one another all the time during the party. We enjoyed each other's company throughout the event and just stayed close until then. It was in my surprise when I found out that I already met Yan on the day she was born.

The Christmas party never stopped us from being friends. After the memorable night, it ended up that we see each other every weekend in the mall, since both parties love to shop and hangout. As we grew up doing the same thing, our moms let us leave their side and roam around the mall wherein we enjoyed playing in the coin machine of World's of Fun and won lots of tickets.

Not just the mall, but we wrote each other's stationary letters. We sent it to our moms and they'll exchange letters. Yanyan also used to stay at our house and have a sleepover.

We enjoyed boybands at that time especially our favorite a1 (Ben, Christian, Paul, and Mark), wherein we memorized, sang, and watched their music videos played on MTV. At the same time, we both shared the likes for pink stuff and Hello Kitty.

We also enjoyed our out-of-the-country trip to Singapore for a few days during our highschool years, together with our moms.

Ironic isn't it? But we get along so well.

More years came and we became busy, but since there's communication and malls, we still meet up and enjoy the day.

I was a year ahead in studies. When I entered college, my parents got me a good-for-two dormitory room (without someone to share it to) near Miriam College. Yanyan, on my second year, joined me in the dorm and we stayed there for three years. We enjoyed the environment of Katipunan and especially the fact that we seemed to be independent. We even tried to complete eating in each restaurant and experienced staying in Mcdonalds or Starbucks until early morning doing tambay, doing school assignments, and grabbing the opportunity to use free Wi-Fi access.

On the current, we hardly meet since both are already working. For a year, it seems we meet two or three days only doing shopping, movie, and dine at Megamall or Shangrila in Ortigas.

We may be meeting different people and acquiring lots of close friends, but we believe in our hears, we still are best friends.

Both found a precious company - a younger and older sister, and a true friend..

Our closeness won't even leave any shallow hole for separation..

"No one and nothing can break us" as we used to say..

Hopefully, we stay strong.
We never fight.
We love and care for one another.
And especially, we stay honest as we are..

Because friends matters to us.
Best friends connects deeply to our hearts..

Essence is Meg and Yan, Best friends Forever!

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