Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March To Remember

It's finally March! One of the most celebrated months in most people's lives. It is where happy endings and new beginnings open the portal to a new chapter of life, awaiting new struggles and hardships leading to a trendier and challenging life.

March is when Graduation is usually celebrated. Graduation is a kind of ceremony wherein students of different levels receive their diplomas or certificates, signifying their entry to higher responsibilities. For some, Graduation tends to open new challenges seizing new learning while in school, and for others, it opens the opportunity to apply what has been learned in school to a working environment.

It is also the most awaited celebration of parents and guardians. Seeing their child walk their way to the stage, receiving the proof of achievement, will always be the best gift and accomplishment parents are forever proud of.

Meeting a lot of people is also an important aspect in school life. These people may do good or harm influences, but it keeps you from staying responsible on your own self. Finding true friends started in school and graduation foresees how friendship will last or vanish thru lifetime, as people go on separate ways, searching for better future ahead.

School is definitely a lot to miss. As a student, you may think that it is the hardest of the hardest, but as soon as you graduate, you’ll realize that it is a lot easier and fun to stay in school. What more can you ask for? Allowance, food, clothes, social life, happy days and nights – most of these are free. Earning your own money makes you realize how your parents save in order to provide your needs and wants – all those luho.

Here's a peak of my college graduation.
Complete photos on: Multiply
Dad, me, Kuya, Mom

My college buddies

Some of my blockmates CA-5
Miriam College Glee Club lower batch
Graduation outfit made by Adora's Creations

Happy Graduation!

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