Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Bang

First time I stepped into the sunken,
makes me wonder how life rolls in the struggle of anew environment.

People over here.. people over there..
seemingly someone’s curious about me,
same way I am to everybody.

After the twilight, friendship contemplates and
trust arises in the proximity of consciousness opening the chapters of a tale
ready to be aired live without any assurance of a happy ending.

Hellos and goodbyes keep on repeating,
weeping sounds of joy and sadness overflow,
and contentment seems to stay quiet.

No wonder life tends to be an astounding bomb..
nothing is permanent,
and there will only be one chance to have a sensible life,
so as to produce the most worthwhile ignition of lifetime.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dress Up Hannah #8: The Bridesmaid

Event: Joe & Bewow Wedding
Location: Kalibo, Aklan
Complete Photos on: Facebook and Multiply (links to be followed)

Accessories from: Ofie Paguntalan (mom)
Shoes: 3" silver heels from Alexander Perry

Dress Up Hannah #7: College Graduation

Event: College Graduation 2010
Location: Miriam College
Date: March 27, 2010
Complete Photos on: Facebook and Multiply (links to be followed)

Outfit by: Adora's Creations
Shoes: 3" Wade black heels
Hair and Make-up by: Hannah Meryl

March To Remember

It's finally March! One of the most celebrated months in most people's lives. It is where happy endings and new beginnings open the portal to a new chapter of life, awaiting new struggles and hardships leading to a trendier and challenging life.

March is when Graduation is usually celebrated. Graduation is a kind of ceremony wherein students of different levels receive their diplomas or certificates, signifying their entry to higher responsibilities. For some, Graduation tends to open new challenges seizing new learning while in school, and for others, it opens the opportunity to apply what has been learned in school to a working environment.

It is also the most awaited celebration of parents and guardians. Seeing their child walk their way to the stage, receiving the proof of achievement, will always be the best gift and accomplishment parents are forever proud of.

Meeting a lot of people is also an important aspect in school life. These people may do good or harm influences, but it keeps you from staying responsible on your own self. Finding true friends started in school and graduation foresees how friendship will last or vanish thru lifetime, as people go on separate ways, searching for better future ahead.

School is definitely a lot to miss. As a student, you may think that it is the hardest of the hardest, but as soon as you graduate, you’ll realize that it is a lot easier and fun to stay in school. What more can you ask for? Allowance, food, clothes, social life, happy days and nights – most of these are free. Earning your own money makes you realize how your parents save in order to provide your needs and wants – all those luho.

Here's a peak of my college graduation.
Complete photos on: Multiply
Dad, me, Kuya, Mom

My college buddies

Some of my blockmates CA-5
Miriam College Glee Club lower batch
Graduation outfit made by Adora's Creations

Happy Graduation!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tour the World #1: Boracay Escapade

Location: Boracay, Philippines
Date: October 21-24, 2009
With: Jeru Czar (older brother), Jun Lagarde (uncle), Gigi Lagarde (aunt), Vanie David (aunt), Shai Lagarde, Miku Lagarde, and Vince Lagarde (cousins)
Complete photos on: Facebook, Multiply (links to be followed)

Boracay is one of the most famous tourist attraction in the Philippines found in the northwestern area of Panay, Western Visayas. The area is studded with clear water, surrounded by white sand and various sea shells. It is ideal for adventure-lovers as the place is jammed with loads of fun activities to look for - beach, restaurants, malls, food, tattoos, bars, and lots more.

October 21-24, 2009 is such a history to remember for us, cousins. Shai, Miku, Vince, my older brother Jeru, and I first enjoyed our get-together trip outside Manila. We were supervised by our mom's younger brother Uncle Jun, his wife Aunt Gigie, and aunt's sister Aunt Vanie.

We took an early flight to Kalibo through Zest Air and rode a bus that took almost 2 hours of travel to Aklan port. We ate lunch at a nearby Andok's while waiting for the ferry to arrive that will take us to Caticlan port in Boracay. Upon arriving Caticlan, we rode a multi-cab that brought us to Villa Frency Resort where we stayed for our trip.

Me and Shai
Vince on his b-boy moves
Boracay consisted of three stations, which normally defines social hierarchy, as most people would say. Station 1 has the whitest and softest sand, and luxurious hotels and restaurant. Station 2 is occupied in the middle of the island, where most happenings are found. And, Station 3, is said to be most affordable area in the island.
We didn't actually take the opportunity to go snorkling, banana boat, and other water adventures, but we indulged ourselves with such a family bonding as we took lots of photos, enjoyed waves of the ocean, saw the beautiful sunset, and grasped the fresh air that blows around us.
Kuya Jeru and me
Kuya Jeru
me, Aunt Gigi, Shai, Miku
Me (above pic) and Vince (below photos) doing our hiphop moves

Aside from the fascinating surroundings, Boracay has creative people who make sand arts for a living.
Sand Castle
Sand Art with candles placed inside each holes
We also walked our way to Mt. Luho, mini forest environment, wherein overlooking view around the Island can be seen.

We never missed out trying Boracay's grilled street food like isaw, and Manila food like our favorite Starbucks and Shakeys during our last night in Boracay.


On the last night of the trip, we got our henna tattoos on different parts of our body. A tattoo cost  minimum of 50 Php, depending on the size of the design chosen.
Cousins with henna tattoo artists
Overall, the trip is outrageously fun. Going to Boracay is such a stress reliever. Beach adventure, shopping, eating, partying -- everything can be found in this place. People used to worry that going to Boracay would cost a lot to enjoy. Yes, most probably.. But no worries, because not all people who go there aim for water adventures. There are some, like us, who seek for stress relief and enjoyed Boracay thru family bonding, enjoying free waves of the ocean and soft sand on the beach, meeting new people, and grabbing food at the best cost.

Dress Up Hannah #6: The Queen's Final Walk and Turn-Over

Event: Duenas Town Fiesta 2009 Coronation Night: Town Fiesta Queen 2009 - Final Walk and Turn-over of Crown and Scepter
Location: Municipality of Duenas, Iloilo
Date: September 30, 2009
Complete Photos on: Facebook and Multiply (links to be followed)

Outfit by: Adora's Creations
Accessories from: Ofie Paguntalan (mom)
Shoes: 4" Gibi heels customized with ribbon by Adora's Creations
Hair and Make-up by: Pong

Dress Up Hannah #5: Hip Hop Glam Pictorial

Event: Hip Hop Pictorial for the Hip Hop Glam Debut Invitation
Location: Dormitoryana, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Date: October 2007
Photos taken by: Shai Lagarde
Complete Photos on: Multiply
Outfit from: Hannah Meryl
Make-up by: Shai Lagarde