Monday, February 6, 2012

Lose the Pounds

Way back in childhood, like usual kids, I enjoyed food cooked by my mom, dad, and nanay (my grandmom)..
Our family loves to eat most of the time at a buffet restaurant like Dad's in Megamall or Saisaki in West Avenue.
Mom used to cook varieties of meals everyday..
food are piling up inside our refrigerator,
we have baskets of bread and snacks, chocolates, cereals, and other sweet stuff,
we got stocks of softdrinks, milk, and chocolate drinks..
no wonder people used to say that we look like "napabayaan sa kusina".

My kuya and I never became obese, but since we were tall when we were just kids,
we looked like "malaking bulas" as compared to other kids around us.

Never did I became conscious at myself for having a 140+ pounds as I grew up in highschool. Maybe I did try to become conscious, but did not know how to stop eating three plates each meal. Snacks are not yet counted, depending on the cravings that I had for a certain day.


Highschool life is where teenage life started to ponder around the campus. Puppy love becomes extravagant and more and more teenagers try to be matured and even change the way they look. Lots of girls and boys make sure that they're center of attention or be one of those Mr. and Ms. Popularity. This part of growing up does not become a reason for me to change. I'm like a nerd, but not the typical one, since I got lots of friends and still enjoy social life.  I just focuses on my studies and extra-curricular activities as I aim for high grades and position in top students for our batch. My goal is to stay in the 1st section every year, achieving lots of academic recognitions and awards, and I never make a deal on how I look physically.

On my fourth year of highschool, I got my braces. It's a start of anew look actually, but it doesn't change anything. I never plucked my eyebrows, not because my dad doesn't want to, but because I just don't think it's necessary. I didn't enjoy make-up unless there's a specific event and I only used to have cologne and powder inside my bag.

During that specific year, I indulge myself in extra-curricular organizations in school. I become a Center and Power Forward of the basketball team and is promoted as a c/Lt. Col Wing Logistics and Supply of the Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) where we compete in different schools. It was at the end of highschool that I finally become conscious on how I look. Luckily, my extra-co orgs have helped me lose some weight already.

I really don't have fashion sense, because I always wear elephant pants and a short-fitted top, where in fact, most girls at my age tend to enjoy different outfit and looks really really great.

Definitely, it becomes a challenge when I started college. Studying in an exclusive all girls school like Miriam College seems to be a lot more pressure.


Since it's a long travel time from our house to Katipunan, my parents decided that I should stay in a dormitory in front of my school.

Living independently, this signifies the start of my diet plans.
For four years living in a dorm, mom used to cook different food every Saturday. As I return to the dorm on a Sunday night, I have brought with me many microwavable canisters of food and and rice which I can eat for the whole week.

Starting my diet regimen, I tried lots of things.

I avoid rice for about three months and definitely got a positive outcome.
Slimming coffee on the other hand tastes horrible.
Slimming pills are effective, but it's not a good thing to rely on it since there may be side effects in the future.
Slimming teas surely brings out the food I just ate, but will definitely keep me awake for all the suffering and sweat that I'm losing inside the bathroom.

I started to make experiments in my heating habits. When I regain eating rice after three months, I make another change. The usual three-day meal turns to two, and then turns to one. Hard to believe, but I fell to a certain situation wherein I'm having eating disorder because I didn't feel hungry at all, ending up to my realization that I haven't been eating since dinner until three in the afternoon. Due to this, I researched and found out that it's better to have a heavy meal during breakfast, small meal in the afternoon, and no dinner. It is effective - very very effective. 

Currently, I am still eating all the food that I want but I make sure that I won't go over the boundary of my intestines. I always follow my stomach. If it makes me feel that it's full, then I'll stop eating. If it's just confused of being hungry, then I divert my attention to other things.  At the same time, I believe that it is a big help if I move a lot like standing after eating for a couple of minutes or doing some chores, which is an alternative of my treadmill exercise. It is also a good thing to drink warm water or tea, because it helps with the digestion, rather than having cold drinks which only compresses fats inside the stomach.

Nonetheless, I believe that everyone loves to eat. Everybody wants to enjoy food as long as the gluttony-limit comes. But staying fit needs a lot of determination. Proper diet is not just only about limiting meals each day, but it comes with hardship to earn the pounds of our dreams. 

Since then, I lost about 20 pounds and still enjoy eating with proper diet and exercise.

It's never too late for a person to lose weight.
Pills, diet, exercise, or other remedies are useless,
UNLESS there's big determination.



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