Monday, February 6, 2012

Better as Friends

Don’t ever think that what you have now will be yours forever.

You may find someone who you think is suitable for you after such a long journey.

That person will certainly make you feel comfortable after a short acquaintance.

After some span of time, you’ll surely become true friends, get closer, and bloom as best of friends.

In the middle of the enjoyable company, never make any realization for this may cause confusion.

Feelings will start to ponder, more blast of laughter and togetherness, and sooner if both parties confess and divulge the hidden clue, flags will soon waive in the air.

Love and joy will scatter all over. One big joy of hearts began to foretell another chapter of the lost book.

In the midst of each day’s celebration, it is such an unfortunate tale to find out that one already belongs to someone else. Though, heart seems to be shielded only for you, as the other says.

It is hard to give the benefit of the doubt, even though you try to understand the situation time after time.

A certain principle is applicable to change.
A specific law is open for amendments.
But the shoutouts of raging hearts will always ponder the inmost feeling on how each transpires one another and accepts imperfections within the relationship.

Nonetheless, you may still feel happy, but torn to reality.
You wanted to shout “STOP!” real loud, but you couldn’t.

On the other note, as days pass by, you utterly find solutions.
Go back. Stare at the photos and gifts. Try searching. Remember the feeling. Remove confusion. And close the book. No chapter should continue for it is illicit. You are just confused.

Not today or tomorrow, but on the latter part, you will feel that you can keep that precious someone with you if you’d stay closer as friends, real friends.

Even though the other might pursue, but there are lots of things that can divert your attention as you focused on what’s ahead for a better future.

No one needs to go away. Separation is not necessary. ‘Coz deep inside of both hearts, love is present – precious, real, and honest.
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